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Well, I suck for not posting in forever, but happy new year, everyone! And merry christmas too! Since I missed it! What all did you guys get?
I got:
-Amazing artist pens.
-Comfy pajama pants.
-A gorgeous pretty artist desk that moves up and down and has lots of drawers to put all my junk in.
-This cool magnifying mirror.
-S2 of Veronica Mars
-S2 of The Office
Yuuup. :D

So Dominic came over New Years Eve, which was fun, even if we did have to walk in the freezing cold to pick up my brother at like 10:00 PM, uphill on ice which was very interesting. XD

Then today Mark, Kristin and Toni came over...sorta for my birthday, even though it was last week. hehe. I got a beautiful monchicchi from Toni, and her name is Sally. And we took tons of pictures! Which you can find on my facebook! (Add me if you have one.)

Well...what else? I have to go back to school on Thursday. will suck not to have drawing anymore. Just boring study hall. :(
And I will miss my Lizzyface, who I used to get to see every morning...

Hm. I'm so boring.
Well. Any New Years Resolutions?
I've decided to make a few, and have already done some stuff to make sure I keep them. I feel very proud of myself, even if I did break down crying afterwards...don't ask. XD

Weeellll...I have nothing else to say! Boringboringboring...